Chris M. Veraya, Attorney

I am a local product, graduating from Kentwood High School and then earning a BA in Economics from the University of Washington. In 2010 I finished my JD at the Gonzaga School of Law, passing the state bar exam and then putting my shingle out in the Winter of 2011. For six years I was a general practice attorney, taking what cases came my way; I have worked in criminal law, family law, contract law, infractions, probates, real estate and one instance as local counsel for a federal case out of Nevada. 

In the Fall of 2017 I was accepted to and began the Seattle University LLM program for Elder Law practice. In 2018 I earned my LLM (Masters) degree in Elder Law, becoming the first graduate of that LLM program. After taking a break from that degree with the birth of my first child in the summer of 2018, I have retooled my entire office for the purpose of Elder Law and related issues. 

When not in the office, I coach youth swimming around the Des Moines, Burien and West Seattle areas. In the Fall and Winter you can find me running out to coach the Mount Rainier High School boys and girls swim teams, while in the Summer you can find me in the mornings, before meetings, on deck with the Arbor Heights Swim and Tennis Club swimmers. At my office you are likely to find odds and ends from the various teams and meets; I am very proud of my swimmers and take a real joy in being on deck with them.

This office strives to be different from the legal offices you picture in movies or pop culture. Seeing your attorney shouldn’t immediately make you worried about money, or worry about what you’re wearing. When you come in for a meeting, it’s my job to make you at home and comfortable while we discuss topics. It’s my goal to have you enjoy our time, so there is no hesitation in the future to call and ask a question. ​

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