COVID Update : During this time of community resilience and social distancing, all client meetings are being held virtually until guidance from the State changes. At this time, the office is setting up meetings by phone, by FaceTime, by Zoom, or other modes of communication. It is HIGHLY suggested you EMAIL questions and interest as I have taken on a 21 month office assistant at the home office. This will not change meetings, but will change the frequency I pick up calls.

For Families looking to square away their Estate Documents (Probates and other court cases are delayed at present), I am looking to structure payment plans to allow gradual payment over a span of months, rather than flat amounts.

Call: 206.595.8405


A Narrowed Focus

The Veraya Law Office strives to be excellent in the narrow fields of Estates and Elder Law, being knowledgeable about the areas you care about.  My background, from young general practice attorney to now, is one of service to this community and an increasing interest in the rights of our Elders.

Letting You Do You

The first and last goals of the Veraya Law Office are to empower a client.  This can take the form of the basic documents to streamline an estate, or it can be the journey of self discovery in putting together advanced directives for health care, mental health, or other futures where your decisions may not be your own.  Just as is the goal of car insurance or health insurance, we want your decisions in place before there is any acute need.

Check It Off Your List

This office encourages questions and seeks to de-mystify this area of law.  Come in for a free consult to at least get some basic questions answered.  There are no fees until we have something in writing.  Documents can be done in as little as a day and take as long as a year, depending on your schedule.  

Check Something Off Your List

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